Rx Robbers

Have you considered the fact that your medications may be just as harmful as they are helpful?

Are Your Medications Robbing Peter to Pay Paul??

When we left off last week, we said a pill for every ill has led to an overprescribed, yet unhealthy, society! Now imagine that those very drugs you are taking to feel better or treat disease are creating more problems…we call them ‘Rx robbers’ or drug-induced nutrient depletions. Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and even hormones! This depletion of valuable nutrients can be felt quickly or over several years. Are we developing more conditions or diseases simply due to a lack of a vitamin? Are we robbing Peter to pay Paul? Let’s start in the classroom and how medical professionals are trained…

When we were in pharmacy school, we learned about each drug, how it is absorbed in your body, how your body distributes the drug, metabolizes and finally excretes the drug. We called it ADME (adsorption,distribution,metabolism,excretion). We also learned about potential side effects, what the medical community calls ‘adverse events’.  We could recite these adverse events but never questioned WHY?? Drowsiness, dizziness, constipation, diarrhea, mouth sores, yeast infection, leg cramps, headache,etc,etc,etc… the list is endless! And yet side effects were considered an acceptable trade off for the positive effect of the drug. But why do we have these effects? We now know that the chemicals we take (remember medications ARE chemicals) can rob our bodies of valuable nutrients.  If we multiply these nutrient depletions by years, we actually see other conditions develop. And you know what happens? We are prescribed MORE prescriptions, and the vicious cycle repeats itself. Stop the madness!!

Remember you are becoming an advocate for your health! Take control! Ask why?Look for root causes. When you take your prescription be aware that it may be setting up future problems if you do not replenish the vitamins or minerals that are being depleted. But is it really that simple? YES!! Over the next few weeks we will take a look at the top prescriptions being written and what nutrients are being exhausted. In the meantime, as you continue your current medications or are prescribed new medications, be aware that with each drug you take, your body is being robbed of something vital to your health. Follow us and we will keep you informed about how to manage those nutrient deficits and help you restore your vitality.   

Because we give Two Hoots about Your Health!! And remember, health is wealth 🙂

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