SUPPLEMENTS for the nutritionally starved

Combine poor food + environmental toxins + multiple prescriptions, and we have a recipe for disaster!

Despite being over fed, we are nutritionally starved….

“Whether ‘tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows”, the constipation and leg cramps-OK, OK we’ll stop-out of respect to Sir William Shakespeare and Hamlet; but, seriously we began this blog talking about “polypharmacy” and “a pill for every ill” and now we are adding supplements? Well, yes, but it’s the 21st century not the 16th century and boy do we need them! There are lots of different kinds of supplements such as vitamin c, iron and even amino acid supplements which are all important. However, there is a difference in the quality of the supplements that you take, it depends on how you get them and where they are coming from. Being ‘in the know’
of medical grade supplements vs over the counter will help you make better decisions. Let us explain.

We begin by saying that despite being an “overfed” society, we really are nutritionally starved. The amount of over-processed foods, fast-food and genetically modi?ed foods leave us feeling full but empty of many nutrients. If you frequent the drive-thru, rely on pizza delivery, or pop in a frozen entree several days a week, then you are most likely a product of nutritional starvation. Beyond our diet, there is also an unprecedented amount of environmental toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Herbicides, pesticides, pollution…all assaulting our bodies! Finally, as we have said, prescription medication can deplete or ‘rob’ us of vital nutrients. As a result, if we combine poor food + environmental toxins + multiple prescriptions, we have a recipe for disaster!! Our bodies, and thus our health, are under siege! So before we begin our conversation about Rx robbers, let’s take the ?rst step towards good health by starting on a high potency multivitamin. Taking a quality multivitamin will at least provide the minimum daily requirements of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals. Trace minerals such as zinc, selenium and iodine that keep our thyroid healthy and our immune system strong. When the FDA says minimum daily requirements it actually means nothing more than providing enough of a vitamin or mineral to prevent improbable diseases such as scurvy and rickets. Those diseases may have been of concern to Shakespeare in the 16th century but thankfully not in today’s modern world! However, consider this, the FDA hasn’t updated the minimum daily requirements for vitamins and minerals for decades. And vitamins and minerals ARE essential, not optional, for good health. The truth is, in our society today, the minimum is simply not enough.

If we add the potential Rx robbers, we are leaving our bodies in dire need of nutrient supplementation. But are all supplements created equal?? Not really. The FDA does not regulate supplements. What you see isn’t necessarily what you get! How can you select the ideal supplement for your needs? The best quality supplements will have GMP on the bottle which stands for Good Manufacturing Practice; an indication that the ingredient/strength of a particular vitamin, mineral, or herbal supplement is precisely what it says. And the superior multivitamin may require 3-6 tablets in a daily serving because minerals, such as calcium, are big molecules! BE WISE…(hoot hoot) about your supplements, and they may prevent additional prescriptions! Understanding the Rx robber and what nutrients it can deplete is why we’re here-because we give Two Hoots about Health!! Next up, let’s talk about those Rx robbers in more detail…

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